Eat & Drink

We are taking a fresh approach to the menu.

While taking a zero-waste approach to the kitchen we have come to realize a simple truth, if we offer a large menu available all the time it will be impossible to prevent waste. So, in the spirit of our mission, we will be offering a small, signature menu of our most popular sweet & savory crepes and pizzas all hours. The rest of our offerings will be a rotating menu made from what we have on hand with minimal purchasing.

By cooking this way as opposed to offering a large menu we can share our unique creative approach to cooking while preventing food waste.

We are excited to share a new kind of restaurant with you, where the consistency lies in quality ingredients and flavors regardless of what is on the menu each day! We expect to be the place where all the same items may not be available every day, but everything offered every day is made from scratch with whole ingredients. We know how rare it is to find nutritious food in restaurants and believe those seeking food that make them feel good will enjoy the variety!

Our menu is subject to change at any time and certainly will as we dive further into our zero-waste goal.

We are accepting phone order as we are able at 541-614-1444. Online ordering is available all hours as service allows.