Our Mission

The creators and leaders of Zest Garden Cafe: Marci Baker & John Rislov.

Our Mission: to build community through food by offering a menu everyone can equally order from regardless of diet while supporting community mental health through engaging events and fostering a space that encourages generating positive change in creative ways.

Our Vision: We are the go-to community hangout, offering a wide array of family-friendly events, interest groups that meet regularly, community movie nights, and affordable space rentals for private events. We are the place you want to go when you are craving good company and food that makes you feel good!

Our Core Values:

  • Individual Value: “Everyone Respects Everyone” – All people have value, potential and something to contribute and shall be treated with dignity.  This is our most foundational value. We believe everyone is most beautiful as their authentic selves and foster a respectful, safe atmosphere where all are welcome, and all types of intelligence and creativity are equally honored. We seek to assist those in need, and no one goes hungry.
  • Waste Awareness – Our zero-waste goal informs all of our decision making. Humanity is already seeing the devastating impacts of our inefficient wasteful production and waste management systems including plastic pollution, land pollution, animal agriculture, corporate farming practices, and deforestation. We know now is the time for all of us that are aware to change our habits, even if only a few, to reduce our contribution to these growing issues that are solely human created; nature knows no waste.
  • Integrity – When we know what is right, we do what is right, even when it is the tougher option. When we become aware of how we can do better, we seek to be better, which means we do not shy away from making changes or let our investment biases stand in the way. In practical terms, we never serve a plate we wouldn’t happily eat ourselves and we make sure when we say it is vegan, or gluten-free, or organic we are meeting your expectations. We are transparent in our practices and recipes and always eager to answer any and all of your questions.