Official Reopening Friday December 23rd

Thank you to everyone who was able to make it out to our soft opening Relaunch Party on Saturday! We had a great time, and it was a great test run of our new layout. We are excited to announce we will be reopening with new regular hours and some big changes this Friday!

New Hours
9am – 1pm
10pm – 3am
Friday through Tuesday
Closed Wednesday & Thursday

We are making some big changes with our new beginning. All of these changes bring us more in alignment with our mission as a restaurant and community space.

  • We are taking a fresh approach to the menu. While taking a zero-waste approach to the kitchen we have come to realize a simple truth, if we offer a large menu available all the time it will be impossible to prevent waste. So, in the spirit of our mission, we will be offering a small, signature menu of our most popular sweet & savory crepes all hours, and the rest of our offerings will be a rotating menu made from what we have on hand with minimal purchasing. By cooking this way as opposed to offering a large menu we can share our unique creative approach to cooking while preventing food waste.

    We are excited to share a new kind of restaurant with you, where the consistency lies in quality ingredients and flavors regardless of what is on the menu each day! We expect to be the place where all the same items may not be available every day, but everything offered every day is made from scratch with whole ingredients. We know how rare it is to find nutritious food in restaurants and believe those seeking food that make them feel good will enjoy the variety!
  • We are no longer purchasing single use disposables or processed food products. We will be using up what we still have on hand, and when it is gone, it is gone! We will be transitioning to BYOC – “Bring Your own Container” for takeout. This also means we will be infusing our own flavors for the beverages, so those will be seasonally rotating and changing along with the food menu!
  • Initially we will not be taking phone-in or online orders or reservations. We value our face-to-face time with you and will be asking all to come in and place their orders. We feel hospitality standards are slipping away for the sake of convenience and are making this change in order to build stronger relationships with you by offering our full attention.
  • Since we are already taking a new approach to take-out by asking you to BYOC, and a new approach to the menu by rotating our daily menu, we have decided to create a new offering as well: “All-You Can Eat Take-out” served out of our hot-holding by weight into any container you’d like as long as it fits on our scale! You could come by for coffee in the morning and have us fill one meal container for lunch, or bring your home food storage containers and stock up on some ready-made food for the week!
  • We are assessing our coffee offerings and plan to focus on more efficient and sustainable brewing methods. New offerings may include pour over, French press, cold brew, or Turkish, but will be taking out the espresso machine.

We will have more details to come and our new menu out when we open on Friday, December 23rd, so make sure to follow us here for further details!

We WILL be open Christmas Day – special hours to be announced soon – with our signature crepes, definitely some comfort food, baked goodies and dessert and we will be showing holiday themed movies all day as it is the first day our movie licensing begins!

See you soon!



  1. Awesome!! Genius! So excited for the good food and options with variety!

  2. Please consider phone in and pick up orders again. Being immunocompromised, in a still raging pandemic, makes it difficult for people like me and other disabled folks to support businesses with such policies.

    1. Our intent is certainly not to exclude anyone, we simple are not prioritizing takeout service. It is particularly challenging to take in house, phone and online orders and still offer equally great service to all. We have to staff someone just to answer the phone and the kitchen easily becomes overwhelmed when orders come in from three sources. This is why many food service establishments offer one or the other. Since we will not be providing single use disposables or curbside pickup all guests will need to enter to box up their takeout. We are simply asking orders be placed in house. We are working on call buttons for when orders are ready for those more comfortable waiting outside and do still have masks available upon request. Our aim is to be as inclusive and accommodating as we can be. Upon request any of our staff would happily wear a mask while taking or preparing your order as well. Thank you for your feedback, and if you have any other suggestions, we are open to better understanding how we can best serve the whole community.

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